Bootleg Canyon Mountain Bike Park

enduroBootleg Canyon is an extensive network of World Class Downhill and Cross Country mountain bike trails located in Boulder City, Nevada.
This vast network of trails has been forged through years of hard work from many good friends and mountain bike lovers all over the world. But, there had always remained one constant. Brent Thomson, the trail master.
After a brush with death and quadruple bypass heart surgery, Brent chose to ride as a way to get back into shape. Exercise was the initial motivation, but soon a love for the sport flowered. What you see spread before you is its fruition.
Sadly, 14 years later in 2009 Brent passed away, but his legacy lives on. It lives through each undulation and burm. It grows through each person’s love of Mountain Biking. It is sustained through rider’s traveling to appreciate what a man’s hands are capable of.
So do us a favor. Enjoy what you choose to do to the fullest extent possible.
Download the Bootleg Canyon Map by clicking on the map below:
Bootleg Canyon Map


DSC_0187.jpgThe handmade trails at Bootleg Canyon are world-class and super fun! They are at the same time both rocky and technical, as well as incredibly flowy. There are rock gardens and challenging lines, as well as banks, berms and high speed corners. Save your legs and pedal as little as possible, hop on the shuttle. The shuttle runs on the weekends. It accesses both gravity fueled XC trails, as well as the downhill runs. From the shuttle dropoff, downhillers push their bikes another quarter of a mile to the top of the mountain and the starting gate. The downhill trails are gnarly. They are steep and rocky with extremely challenging lines and lots of hits to get some air. You finish the day, wanting another run. They are gravity fueled and require very little pedaling. All the trails in Bootleg Canyon are Human-Powered Only. They are best right after a rain when the dry desert single track gets tacky, grippy and super fast. The trails in Bootleg were planned and created by Brent Thomson, who sadly passed away last February. He left us all an amazing gift.