What's the best XC trail at Bootleg Canyon?

What is the best trail?


Whats the best Downhill trail at Bootleg Canyon

What is the best downhill?




Lake Mead Bike Tours

Start your day off with a bike ride on one of the most historic trails in Southern Nevada. This newly paved trail is part of the original historical railroad that hauled materials to supply and people to build the Hoover Dam. Along your ride you will experience the Mojave Desert in its natural setting while gradually descending on the trail over open desert and through Wild West style settings.


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Las Vegas Multi-Sport Day Tours: Kayaking and Biking

Would you like to get out of the city and truly experience the desert and its natural settings? The Surf and Turf is our Premier tour. The day starts with a mountain bike rides and ends with an unforgettable kayak on Lake Mead.

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Bootleg Canyon Singletrack

Come mountain bike the world class hand built trails of Bootleg Canyon and see the other side of Las Vegas. High above the desert ground rise jagged peaks of molten lava uplifted over thousands of years ago that now provide spectacular views and hand carved singletrack.

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Large Group Tours

All Mountain Cyclery can handle large groups on any our our tours. We are available to tailor any of our tours to your specific needs.